Recently founded Zohak MECS offers a wide range of services and support to companies looking to expand or enter the Middle East market as well as organizations having projects that need direct local support. Zohak MECS specializes primarily on providing consulting, visa and sponsorship services, transportation, information and communication technology (ICT), construction and logistic support.

With years of experience operating in the Middle East, Zohak MECS has successfully built a varied network of like-minded specialists throughout the Middle East and North America. These specialists operate in multiple fields and provide individual services to numerous clients. They are assimilated and collected for the direct benefit of our clients to provide the right solution at the right time.

At Zohak MECS we know firsthand the challenges of establishing and operating an overseas presence. Seemingly simple daily tasks and business operations are often frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive without an in-depth understanding of the local customs, language, and business culture. Zohak MECS’ services are designed to alleviate these issues for the corporate account. From sponsorship to corporate housing, fleet management to staffing solutions, our support and services allow our clients to assimilate more rapidly and successfully into the local economy and dedicate more time to their primary mission.

Zohak MECS also specializes in building the necessary bridges between your business product and international markets.  Zohak MECS introduces your product or service to the desired market and supports every possible logistical aspect of delivery. With our focus primarily on emerging markets within the Middle East we have successfully assisted American companies perform expansion within the region and additionally Middle Eastern companies invest in North America.

Zohak MECS currently serves multiple customers in Afghanistan and employs more than 50 people in the greater Kabul area. Zohak MECS and its affiliates have won numerous awards and commendations for its ICT and logistics services.