Tamadon Bamic Construction, Construction material production and Engineering Company (TBCC) is a subsidiary of Zohak Group of companies.  TBCC is non-governmental and non-political organization with a strong vison of the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the betterment of the Afghan people.  TBCC has been operating for 10 years and specialized in the field of infrastructure building and operation and maintenance of roads throughout Afghanistan. TBCC has a highly trained workforce consisting of professional and expert Afghani and foreign engineers. The staff specializes in numerous fields of construction such as building and infrastructure construction, containerized office construction, connex installation, sand bag provision, cement wall creation, barrier provisions and construction, provision of empty 40 feet & 20 feet containers, road makers and other construction works. TBCC has successfully completed over 10 contracts supporting the government of Afghanistan in all provinces.  All these works have been done with the highest level of quality and international standards while maintaining the TBCC vision for a new Afghanistan.

TBCC operates with the following collective vision:

  • To encourage the Afghan people to participate in rehabilitation of Afghanistan through gainful employment and providing expertise.
  • To contribute to the reconstruction and development of rural and rehabilitation projects in Afghanistan.
  • To take part in construction and reconstruction of the infrastructure of the country to include: public buildings, roads, irrigation systems, water supply systems, Power Systems, education, health, vocational training and emergency.
  • To provide facilities for Afghans in areas where needed the most.
  • To establish training courses and income generation projects inside of Afghanistan.
  • To coordinate and develop projects by establishing and cooperation with organizations having similar objectives and sharing TBCC’s vision for a new Afghanistan.