About us


In 2015 Zohak Holding Group Inc. celebrated its 10th year in the business. Though newly formed Zohak Holding Group’s subsidiaries have been operating successfully for over a decade. The one decade since Zohak began operations the organization has developed into a successful, accomplished IT Solutions, Life Support Services provider, Business Management and Construction Company with a highly respected international portfolio.

We take pride in selecting the right teams to meet the demanding and ever-changing needs of our clients. Our leadership in this industry is directly attributable to our talented staff’s dedicated attention to our clients’ needs and executing effective solutions to achieve success.

A determination to succeed has always been at the forefront of our efforts to grow the business. By building on our core values of quality, reliability, integrity through our commitments in providing exceptional customer satisfaction and establishing opportunities and by combining these values with our experience, industry advances and with our ambition, we have created a strong group of companies with a sustainable future.

Hence, our slogan is: “Step to the Future”.

Mission & vision

To innovate the typical perspectives and remaking the world for the better sustainable future.

Zohak Holding Group Inc

Zohak Holding Group Inc. offers the highest level of customer satisfaction in the field of Construction and Equipment installation, Hotel Business Management, Maintenance, Internet Service Provider(ISP), Communications, Networking, Power Solutions, General Supplies and Labor Force.
The original company ZTech founded in 2005 now a child to Zohak Holding Group Inc. (ZohakHg) is currently one of the leading One-Stop-Service-Providers in Kabul. ZohakHg specializes in long term and short-term construction projects, life-support services, network infrastructure and various large scale civil engineering and power solution projects. ZohakHg provides accurate quotes, realistic time frames and truthful, hardworking contractors who deliver results on time and within the right budget.